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Are you in pain?

Then don't waste your money on massages that don't address your issue.

In this no-fluff massage, we focus on your problem, and address it from every angle to ensure the results last. 

Calling all Desk Warriors

Sitting life got you in a slump? Feeling stiff, out of shape or slow? Then lets wind back the clock on your body, because you too can feel pain-free, athletic, and healthy.

What's Your Sport?

With massage and training, I can help you take your performance to the next level


jumpers knee

And More


Eliminate shin splints

And More



Get Stronger

And More



Open up your shoulders

Release your wrists, Lats, arms

And More


Whatever your Sport

Let's get to work

Jump Higher

Get Your Glutes Firing

Address tight 

IT Bands


Fix tweaked 


Lubricate your

shoulders, knees,

low back

Strengthen your grip

Recover Faster

Whatever your

pain or injury


Don't take my word for it. Take theirs. 
videographer and general active person Amanda shares her experience working with Pinnacle Motion therapy
are you a cyclist?

Marathon Runner,

Andrew G.

I’ve been marathon running for about 4 years and kept having lower back and sciatic nerve issues. I had gotten semi-regular massages elsewhere, but Simon’s massage been different. He has been able to find points in my body that have significantly reduced my pain. He does a lot of work with my feet and hips, which helps alleviate the low-back area that’s been a chronic issue for me. After only 3 sessions I feel my body getting back to “normal” and the injuries fading away. If you are a runner or athlete check this guy out!

Competitive Climber,

Matt R. 

I underwent a major shoulder surgery in September 2016. After months of pain and little to no progress, I began to wonder if I would ever be able to participate in sports again. Simon was able to significantly help me with my recovery and pain management and help get me back doing the things I love. His knowledge of body mechanics is unmatched. If you are in pain (or just in need of a good massage) I highly recommend contacting Simon!

AcroYoga Instructor,

Steve K.

As an acroyoga practitioner I put my body through a large amount of dynamic demands. I came in to Simon with wrist and shoulder pain. After our first session I noticed improved ROM & mobility, flexibility, and strength from being able to engage muscles that had become stuck. I’d highly recommend his services to any athlete. I’ll be seeing Simon on a recurring basis for my sports massage needs.

Competitive Crossfitter,

Sarah M

As a competive crossfitter I’ve had many different types of work from different types of people. Finding Simon was the best thing I could have done for myself. I need deep tissue work and this guy delivers. Quads, hamstrings, Lats, low back, ,shoulders, all have felt consistently better since seeing him every 2 weeks and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon.